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Focus Forward Updates

Now available: Episode 2 of the Wisconsin Employer Vaccine Forum

In a series focused on how employers can help build public support for COVID-19 vaccines, the second episode contains insights from employment and disability law to make sure that employers' communications and practices do not violate employee medical rights and protections. Read More
2021-05-19T19:12:31-05:00May 19, 2021|Blog Post, Focus Forward Updates|

New report outlines state’s economic recovery strategy

The new report identifies five elements as keys to every individual’s economic well-being—financial stability; education; health; community infrastructure, including access to affordable housing and child care; and a clean environment—and encourages state and local leaders to invest accordingly. Read More
2021-04-08T12:17:18-05:00April 6, 2021|Blog Post, Focus Forward Updates|

Focus Forward Podcast Ep 9: Innovation, Inspiration and Public Health with Alexander Kempe

Alexander Kempe, president and CEO of Novir, the testing solutions company and winner of the We’re All Innovating contest, talks with WEDC Secretary Missy Hughes about his company’s antibody test and the need for innovation in the pandemic. Read More
2021-01-21T12:53:52-06:00January 21, 2021|Blog Post, Focus Forward Updates|
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