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Business innovation – Main Street & Connect Community businesses adapting to the pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic so many local businesses have had to adapt their business plan to adhere to safety guidelines and to best reach their customers. In fall of 2020, WEDC created the We’re All Innovating Contest to recognize and promote the creative ways local startups and small businesses have adapted to the recent challenges. Among the winners were multiple businesses in both Wisconsin Main Street and Connect Communities. These businesses were recognized for the We’re All Innovating Contest based on business innovations, adapting services and adapting technology. Read More
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Equity and inclusion on Main Street

Recent economic, social and political conditions have highlighted the many divisions and inequities in our communities. In many cases these disparities impact everyday life—for example, the availability of work and sacrifices expected of essential workers; access to broadband and the employment, school and commerce opportunities it provides; and adverse health outcomes for certain demographics as a result of the pandemic, among others. Read More
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Upper-floor housing on Main Street

By Joe Lawniczak – Wisconsin Main Street Upper-floor space ready for renovation in Fond du Lac Upper-floor housing downtown can conjure up many images. Some might envision seedy, run-down apartments that no one would want to live in. Others might picture large, light-filled loft apartments with tons of character. Some might see modest but well-kept

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Successful events during the pandemic

Creating a sense of normalcy and bringing the community together has always been an important goal for the Main Street districts around Wisconsin, but the lingering threat of COVID-19, has posed continuing difficulties for hosting events. Nevertheless, communities are doing their best to host events with social distancing and safety modifications in place, and

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Creative fundraising approaches for community organizations

While the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses has been well documented, community organizations have also been negatively impacted. Challenges to the usual in-person models of engaging stakeholders, hosting gatherings and holding events has made it difficult for organizations to not only carry out their mission, but also to raise funds. In a

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Revitalization success stories

As our state, nation and world cope with a pandemic on a scale never before seen in our lifetimes, it has taken a toll on our health, our thinking, our economy and our communities. COVID-19 has also changed—perhaps forever—the the way we do business; interact with each other; and design the places we live, work and entertain. Some businesses, due to their nature, were able to easily adapt by providing window or curbside service, taking sales online or working from home. Others, such as salons, taverns, gyms, concert halls and sports venues, have had to shut down completely until further notice. Read More
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Event planning during a pandemic

With most communities canceling events and unsure when they will be able to resume programming in light of the pandemic, WEDC’s downtown development team is offering some ideas for how communities can adapt. These include a focus on smaller events and virtual events, as well as events that can be planned in a short amount of time—so communities can adopt creative strategies instead of simply going the whole summer without any events. Read More
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