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Guide for communities and small businesses during COVID-19

The “Safer at Home” order, issued by Governor Evers on March 24, 2020, supersedes any conflicting advice contained in this post. Businesses should refer to the governor’s order to determine whether their operations may continue in part or in full. These are unprecedented times, and for business and communities, it is

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Wayfinding 2020: Community Signage for Today’s Main Street

By Joe Lawniczak, Wisconsin Main Street It seems there are few areas of life that aren’t being revolutionized by technology, and travel is no different. People rarely read maps anymore, relying instead on GPS to tell them where to go, when to turn and how far to their destination. By and large, communities have

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Places Blog: Design for all seasons

For a community’s downtown to be winter-friendly, basic infrastructure must be in place: sidewalks cleared of snow and ice, easy (and snow- and ice-free) access from parking spaces to sidewalks, etc. Beyond these basics, some simple ordinance changes or minor public investments can have an impact on the ability and willingness

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Places Blog: Get creative with indoor activities in the winter

Planning for winter outdoor activities can be challenging if these activities rely on the availability of ice or snow. In many communities, ice rinks and sledding hills require man-made assistance to be present all season long. For communities that can’t afford this level of investment, other types of activities with a

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Places blog: Encourage shopping small

While “shop local” campaigns can become controversial, seeming to discourage tourists and/or exclude franchises and other locally operated businesses, shopping small is a strategy that is hard to oppose. Consider the following unique strategies to encourage and recognize customers that make the effort to shop small. Read More

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