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Event planning during a pandemic

With most communities canceling events and unsure when they will be able to resume programming in light of the pandemic, WEDC’s downtown development team is offering some ideas for how communities can adapt. These include a focus on smaller events and virtual events, as well as events that can be planned in a short amount of time—so communities can adopt creative strategies instead of simply going the whole summer without any events. Read More

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Designing for a pandemic

As our state, nation and world cope with a pandemic on a scale never before seen in our lifetimes, it has taken a toll on our health, our thinking, our economy and our communities. COVID-19 has also changed—perhaps forever—the the way we do business; interact with each other; and design the places we live, work and entertain. Some businesses, due to their nature, were able to easily adapt by providing window or curbside service, taking sales online or working from home. Others, such as salons, taverns, gyms, concert halls and sports venues, have had to shut down completely until further notice. Read More

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Wayfinding 2020: Community Signage for Today’s Main Street

By Joe Lawniczak, Wisconsin Main Street It seems there are few areas of life that aren’t being revolutionized by technology, and travel is no different. People rarely read maps anymore, relying instead on GPS to tell them where to go, when to turn and how far to their destination. By and large, communities have

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Places Blog: Design for all seasons

For a community’s downtown to be winter-friendly, basic infrastructure must be in place: sidewalks cleared of snow and ice, easy (and snow- and ice-free) access from parking spaces to sidewalks, etc. Beyond these basics, some simple ordinance changes or minor public investments can have an impact on the ability and willingness

2020-01-03T13:10:37-06:00January 3, 2020|Places|

Places Blog: Get creative with indoor activities in the winter

Planning for winter outdoor activities can be challenging if these activities rely on the availability of ice or snow. In many communities, ice rinks and sledding hills require man-made assistance to be present all season long. For communities that can’t afford this level of investment, other types of activities with a

2020-01-03T13:24:52-06:00January 3, 2020|Places|
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