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Marketing & Promotion

Places blog: Encourage shopping small

While “shop local” campaigns can become controversial, seeming to discourage tourists and/or exclude franchises and other locally operated businesses, shopping small is a strategy that is hard to oppose. Consider the following unique strategies to encourage and recognize customers that make the effort to shop small. Read More

2021-08-12T12:32:49-05:00September 24, 2019|Marketing & Promotion, Places, Small Business|

Places blog: Mentors and business partners

Another strategy for ensuring the success of new businesses to your downtown district is to connect them with established mentors. Connecting businesses with mentors that can help them understand the local market, capitalize on or prepare for seasonal changes or major events, and most effectively market to key customer groups can substantially increase their chance of success. Read More

2019-09-19T13:19:33-05:00September 18, 2019|Marketing & Promotion, Places, Small Business|
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