Infrastructure and amenities for all ages

Downtowns offer unique architecture and affordable spaces that are well suited to all types of uses, but properties that have not been well-maintained or recently renovated require both inspiration and capital to translate existing spaces into move-in-ready apartments and retail storefronts. Read More

Making (and measuring) an impact

Although not a quick fix, investment in downtown revitalization pays off. The average Main Street district, despite representing only 2 percent of municipal land area, generates 6 percent of property tax revenue and supports 14 percent of retail spending, 21 percent of restaurant spending and 27 percent of hospitality room nights. Read More

A layperson’s guide to historic commercial building styles in Wisconsin

Written by Joe Lawniczak, Wisconsin Main Street | Edited by Jim Draeger, Wisconsin Historical Society If you’re like most people, being able to identify a building’s architectural style is about the same as being able to recognize whether your favorite song is in 2/4 time or 4/4 time. It matters little to most of

2018-01-11T21:40:10-05:00January 11, 2018|Places, Preservation|
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