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Public Spaces

Transforming unseen infrastructure into community assets

Too often, community enhancement conversations start with a conversation about elements that are perceived to be missing. For example, discussions might center on how to fund a new pool, splash pad, bike rack or parking lots—but seldom do these conversations include an assessment of the utility of existing infrastructure: How are the existing streetscape and built infrastructure performing? What is the potential for past investments to evolve and reflect current needs? Can we get more use out of these items before we add something new? It is all too easy to overlook the existing infrastructure, but as the examples below prove, examining it with fresh eyes can result in unexpected and impactful projects. Read More

2017-12-21T02:09:29-06:00July 17, 2017|Community Engagement, Places, Public Spaces|

Dogs and downtown: Growing demand for pet-friendly spaces

As the number of downtown residents and pedestrians increases, the desire for pet friendly spaces has also grown. This has created a conflict in many communities, where downtown green space is at a premium, and not everyone agrees that pets are a welcome user group for these spaces. However, several trends point toward pet-friendly community policies as a potentially vital element of future downtown revitalization. Read More

2017-12-21T02:11:27-06:00June 26, 2017|Local Ordinances, Places, Public Spaces|
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