Don’t know where to turn to learn about the many government and nonprofit organizations devoted to helping businesses succeed in Wisconsin? The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC’s) online database of economic development organizations—ConnectED—helps entrepreneurs and business owners connect with sources of funding and other technical assistance throughout Wisconsin.

Each of the more than 200 organizations included in ConnectED is flagged as offering one or more of the following services or opportunities:

  • AssociationsConnectED-300x213
  • Business and Product Development
  • Financial Assistance
  • International Business and Exporting
  • Location Assistance
  • Market Research
  • Professional Development
  • Workforce Development

Organizations featured in ConnectED include municipalities, local and county economic development organizations, trade groups, workforce development boards, educational institutions and community action programs. ConnectED search results include location and contact information along with a website link.

WEDC recently enhanced ConnectED’s filtering system to more efficiently direct users to the resources that fit their needs. Organizations providing specific types of business assistance are also now more logically organized by category, and the system provides better geo-targeting based upon the user’s location.

WEDC is pleased to provide this powerful tool to businesses looking to tap the state’s extensive network of economic development resources in order to enhance their success.

(January 2016)