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Export Resources: How WEDC Grants Can Help Your Company Grow International Sales

“Export Resources: How WEDC Grants Can Help Your Company Grow International Sales” will go over the details of the program, including the allowed uses of grant funds, how the application process works and reporting requirements for companies that receive a grant.Click to register: Webinar Sign UpThe webinar will include time for questions and answers. We'll

2023-05-27T22:09:29-05:00May 27, 2023|

WEDC Webinar Series: Maximize Your Export Potential via ExporTech

Why ExporTech? This session will share: Real-World success stories and action focus you can take to generate revenue fast in your organization. Proactive, best practices strategies that lead to revenue expansion with the least risk and greatest ROI.   Business CEO’s/CFO’s/General Manager who have graduated from ExporTech averaged close to $1 million in new revenues in the 1st year

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Global Trade Venture: The Netherlands and Belgium

Whether you’re looking for customers or distributors to help you expand your global reach (or both), WEDC’s targeted trade ventures will help you build the relationships necessary for increased international sales.As a member of a WEDC trade venture delegation, you will receive a high-level country briefing from WEDC’s market development director before commencing a well-organized

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