WEDC offers a state-to-state cost of doing business comparison tool

WEDC maintains an online tool that allows users to compare a range of business climate data for Wisconsin to that of other states. This information is available to business decision-makers and their advisers to help determine the best location for expansion or relocation.

What information does WEDC’s business cost comparison tool contain?

The business cost comparison tool contains data for all 50 states on the following business climate metrics:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Sales and use tax
  • Apportionment
  • Labor
  • Property tax
  • Quality of life
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers’ compensation

What sources does WEDC use to compile this data?

WEDC uses more than a dozen authoritative public data sources to compile the information housed in its business cost comparison tool. These sources include the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Census Bureau and individual state tax authorities.

How frequently does WEDC update the data in its business cost comparison tool?

The business climate data contained in WEDC’s cost comparison tool is updated two times per year, in April and October.

How is data from the business cost comparison tool intended to be used?

By providing not only information on Wisconsin’s business climate but also comparative data for all 50 states, WEDC aims to help business leaders and economic development professionals make the best possible decisions about starting and growing a business in Wisconsin. In addition to on-screen comparisons between Wisconsin’s data and up to 13 other states’, the tool allows users to print comparisons for future use.

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October 2019