WEDC's talent marketing toolkit offers video, social media, digital and print assets

WEDC’s talent marketing toolkit offers high-quality videos, social media posts, and digital and print ads to promote Wisconsin’s excellent climate for personal and professional fulfillment.

What is the purpose of WEDC’s talent marketing toolkit?

This new tool is intended to help you attract and retain the talent your business or community needs to succeed. WEDC’s talent marketing toolkit features a rich library of images and messages that highlight the advantages Wisconsin offers to anyone looking for the best place to pursue their passions.

What can I do with the toolkit?

WEDC’s talent marketing toolkit lets you leverage the Think-Make-Happen In Wisconsin® brand platform to create your own talent retention and attraction marketing materials—videos, social media posts, and digital and print ads.

What audiences do WEDC’s marketing materials target?

Content within the portal is organized by target audience—millennials, Wisconsin alumni and transitioning veterans—and includes specific appeals related to location decision drivers: job availability, cost of living, quality of life, outdoor recreation, educational opportunities, etc. All ads can be customized to your location or business.

How do I access the toolkit?

Accessing WEDC’s talent marketing toolkit is easy. After requesting and receiving login credentials, you will be given a link to the online portal where you can browse all visual assets and messages. Once you’ve determined which marketing materials best fulfill your requirements, you can download and customize them to fit your needs.

If you have any questions about how best to put this powerful tool to use for your community or business, please feel free to contact WEDC’s vice president of marketing and brand strategy, Kelly Lietz, 608.210.6858.

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July 2019