What has changed with reference to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC’s) business and community development field staff?

WEDC’s field staff coverage is now organized into 10 regions. Instead of having separate regional account managers and community account managers, each region will be served by a single regional economic development director (except for the Milwaukee and Madison regions, which will continue to have more than one assigned staff member).

Why were these changes made?

With the state divided into smaller regions, each of the new regional economic development directors is responsible for a more limited geographic area, thus allowing the directors to devote their attention more closely to a smaller number of assigned communities, increasing customer contact and reducing travel distance.

WEDC regional economic development directors are cross-trained, equipped with the economic and community development skills previously held by both regional account managers and community account managers. As a result, our new directors possess diverse expertise that allows them to better serve their assigned communities in a more efficient manner. In addition, there is less confusion about whom within WEDC a given community should consider their primary point of contact. The regional economic development directors are also able to connect customers to other resources within WEDC, state and federal agencies, and local and regional resources.

Has my community’s contact person within WEDC changed?

The new regions overlap to some extent with the prior regions, so in some cases, a community’s assigned regional economic development director is the same person to whom the community was previously assigned as its regional account manager or community account manager. In other cases, due to regional boundary shifts or other staff reallocation, the assigned regional economic development director may be a new and different contact person.

(May 2016)