Made In Wisconsin

When we say a product is made in Wisconsin, that’s saying more than just where it was produced—it speaks to the attributes of the product itself. It’s a reflection of the high quality of our natural resources and the honesty, hard work and innovative minds of our people.

When something is produced in Wisconsin, it is a point of pride for those who had a hand in its creation. That’s because our lives and our work are deeply intertwined.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) created a logo for companies to use to proclaim their products’ Wisconsin origin. The Made In Wisconsin logo can be adapted to reflect your production processes. Options include:


  • Made In Wisconsin
  • Manufactured In Wisconsin
  • Produced In Wisconsin
  • Built In Wisconsin
  • Grown In Wisconsin
  • Invented In Wisconsin
  • Designed In Wisconsin
  • Engineered In Wisconsin
  • Brewed In Wisconsin

There is no cost to use the certification mark. Companies that wish to participate fill out a simple application stating how they will use the logo and certifying that the product or service on which they seek to use the mark fulfills program requirements. Once your application is approved, you can download high-resolution image files for the specified use.

The Made In Wisconsin logo is clean, modern and appealing. As such, it speaks to the quality of our products and the straightforward manner in which we do business in this state.

The Made In Wisconsin Program complements the Wisconsin Department of Trade, Agriculture and Consumer Protection’s Something Special From Wisconsin™ Program, offering you two ways to show your state pride.

Join the Made In Wisconsin Program.

(May 2016)