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Guide to the EU Public Procurement System

Every year, over 250,000 public authorities in the EU spend around 14 percent of the EU’s GDP on the purchase of services, works and supplies. In many sectors such as energy, transportation, waste management, social protection and the provision of health or education services, public authorities are the principal buyers. In order to create a level playing field for businesses, the EU law sets out minimum, harmonized public procurement rules, which are translated into national legislation and apply to tenders whose monetary value exceeds the following amounts: Read More

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Scandinavia Focuses on Wind Power

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have set lofty goals for wind energy, creating opportunities for Wisconsin exporters. While the European Union has committed to increase its share of renewable energy to 20 percent of total energy usage by 2020, the Scandinavian countries have set themselves much higher goals. Due

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