As manufacturers change what they are making in response to COVID-19, many are adapting to produce items in high demand, such as masks, face shields and hand sanitizer. At the same time, many companies are seeking personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies to help them keep workers safe and prevent transmission of the virus.

With both supply and demand for these items changing rapidly, the need arose for a central location companies could go to list what they’re making and connect with companies seeking these items for use in the workplace.

The Wisconsin Supplier Network website was in a position to meet this need. The website was already set up to connect buyers and suppliers and demonstrate the strength of Wisconsin’s supply chain, and simply needed a new category added to adapt to changing needs.

Companies seeking PPE can add this their search criteria when conducting searches on the website, and companies with a profile on the website can add this category to the list of what they make. Companies that don’t yet have a profile can create one today at

Watch the video with WEDC Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes to learn more about the Wisconsin Supplier Network and its PPE matching capabilities.