When putting together a sponsorship packet, the most popular model is to organize sponsorships into levels, but you can also use an a la carte approach, or a mix of the two formats. In addition, you can choose between sending out a yearly sponsorship packet including all your events or sending out a separate packet for each event.

Sponsorship levels

A sponsorship packet with different levels is the most commonly used framework. Sponsors are invited to buy into a specific level for a set price point that comes with a set of predetermined incentives. This method is good starting point, especially if you aren’t sure what your potential sponsors are interested in.

A la carte

The a la carte sponsorship model allows each organization to design its own sponsorship from a menu of options. For example, if a company is only interested in social media exposure, they can select only those options, and aren’t left paying a higher price for a larger package that includes features that aren’t important to them. Another company might be interested in receiving a sponsored table at the event for networking and publicity purposes. A third company might be interested in developing name recognition by sponsoring the music stage for the event. With the a la carte model, each company can browse the list of options and choose the benefits that best fit their needs and objectives.

Mix of a la carte and sponsorship levels

Since both sponsorship levels and the a la carte model have benefits, it can work well to offer a hybrid with elements of both models. For instance, it might make sense to create an a la carte sponsorship for your bigger prospects, thus catering to your best “customers” by allowing them to design a package that meets their needs precisely. Meanwhile, you can create a sponsorship packet with levels to keep things simple and uniform for smaller-size sponsors.

Yearly sponsorship packet

A yearly sponsorship packet would include a list of all the events you are hosting through the year. This option gives sponsors the opportunity to see all the events you are hosting, and they can decide up front where they want to put their money for the whole year.

Sponsorship packet per event

In this model, individual packets are sent out to sponsors for one event at a time. This option allows a more personal approach and focusing on one event at a time in discussions with a sponsor.