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Ascent Engine Technologies, LLC

We are a US-based Engine Technology Development company dedicated to the production of a light-weight, efficient, diesel engine family that can serve the requirements of our intended Military and Civilian customers. Our initial engine will complete with turboshaft engines, and/or extend the range of utility aircraft. We can consume Jet fuel, Diesel, and Bio-Diesel. Our

2023-11-27T21:32:30-06:00November 27, 2023|

Wisconsin Telelift, Inc.

WiscLift is an innovative Wisconsin company focusing on drone-based dynamic networks, systems integration and closing the gaps in connectivity. Using the Telelift drone platform and next generation mobile & WiFi radios, we are able to provide connectivity to first responders, military and the general public. WiscLift is defining a new industry of Dynamic IoT Networks

2023-11-27T21:24:41-06:00November 27, 2023|