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Biosciences/Medical Devices

Amruth Group, LLC

Amruth Group, LLC is a product development company based on proprietary “green” polymer dendrimer technology. Our initial application is a Resveratrol/BioDendrimer* serum for the antiaging of skin.

2022-09-24T22:32:26-05:00September 24, 2022|

AccreVal Laboratories

AccreVAL Laboratories is a patient-founded medical technology company engaged in the design, development, and commercialization of high-usability medical device technologies for home renal therapies. Our mission is to introduce truly patient-centric innovations that aim to drive the mass adoption of home dialysis.

2022-09-24T22:32:15-05:00September 24, 2022|

Advantigen Biosciences LLC

AdvantiGen Biosciences, a start-up immunotherapy company, utilizes our patented technologies to create monoclonal antibodies (drugs) for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. We’re developing a new drug to a previously unknown cancer target. This new Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor drug has the potential to reach Billions in annual sales. Our team has decades of experience

2022-09-24T22:32:12-05:00September 24, 2022|

RoddyMedical Holdings, Inc.

RoddyMedical designs, develops and commercializes innovative, proprietary medical devices, focusing on improving clinical and patient safety. These devices are inspired by the firsthand experiences of those on the frontlines of healthcare.

2022-09-24T22:25:00-05:00September 24, 2022|

PersoDx, Inc.

PersoDX, Inc. is a Wisconsin based precision medicine company dedicated to finding new ways to optimize health on an individual level. We are developing a first-in-class diagnostic product called HepSight, which helps clinicians optimize drug selection, dosing, and safety. PersoDX’s founder, Dr. Joseph McGraw, is a pharmacist, professor, and scientist with over 20 years of

2022-09-24T22:24:55-05:00September 24, 2022|
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