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Health Technology

TRT Speech Labs LLC

TRT Speech Labs is a healthtech company developing web-based platforms to improve detection and treatment of deficits in human speech. Our groundbreaking product, Hello Audrey, improves access and treatment delivery by seamlessly connecting providers and patients in a virtual, asynchronous environment in order to capture human speech recordings. Our proprietary algorithm works to analyze the

2023-12-02T21:32:30-06:00December 2, 2023|

RadUnity Corp.

RadUnity is about improving medical images used by doctors. Sometimes, when doctors take pictures inside our bodies, the pictures are a bit different each time. This can be confusing for the doctors and the computers that help them. What RadUnity's solution does is make these pictures more consistent and easier to understand. It takes all

2023-12-02T21:32:30-06:00December 2, 2023|

Wellacy Health Inc.

Wellacy Health is a healthcare software company that is developing a health action platform focused on improving the treatment of chronic diseases. Wellacy Health's platform delivers continuous, comprehensive, and personalized care for patients while helping providers deliver better health outcomes.

2023-12-02T21:32:28-06:00December 2, 2023|

MedicaLock Corporation

Medicalock develops various innovative technologies which set the industry standard of safety in the operating room for nursing staff and surgeons, while providing better and more efficient patient outcomes. Our patented safety platform, SurgiLock, helps reduce sharps injuries in the operating room. SurgiLock securely holds sharps, needles, scalpels etc. safely in the sterile field and

2023-12-02T21:32:26-06:00December 2, 2023|

Isomark Health, Inc.

Isomark’s patented non-invasive breath technology may allow for the early detection of infection.

2023-12-02T21:32:18-06:00December 2, 2023|

Cardamom Health, Inc.

Healthcare leaders have invested millions installing a modern data infrastructure only to find their data have provided few actionable insights — they are data rich, and insights poor. Cardamom Health managed services extract the maximum value from your data and analytics infrastructure, delivering high-quality, actionable insights within organizational workflows to reduce costs and improve care.

2023-12-02T21:32:15-06:00December 2, 2023|

AyrFlo Innovation Labs, Inc.

AyrFlo is developing the world’s first fully-automated, real-time way to measure and evaluate breathing. Our continuous respiratory monitor uses our proprietary AI-driven ultrasound platform to make procedural sedation safer and more efficient.

2023-12-02T21:32:13-06:00December 2, 2023|

RedFox AI, Inc.

RedFox is a process-aware Conversational AI platform that facilitates home health tests and medical device use, troubleshooting, and point-of-care data collection.

2023-12-02T21:25:05-06:00December 2, 2023|

Otologic Technologies, Inc

Otologic Technologies is providing doctors artificial intelligence tools to diagnose ear infections through telehealth. Ear infections are one of the top reasons people go to the doctor, but they’re also one of the most misdiagnosed conditions wasting over $1 billion a year. Our tools enable primary care doctors to consult with Ear Nose and Throat

2023-12-02T21:25:02-06:00December 2, 2023|

Child Health Imprints CHIL USA Inc

Child Health Imprints (CHIL) USA, is a Wisconsin based corporation focused on markets in North America. The company is engaged in the development and application of cutting-edge informational and computational technologies in neonatal intensive care units across the world. The company’s platform allows clinicians in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) to review data dashboard, quality

2023-12-02T21:24:58-06:00December 2, 2023|
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