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Health Technology

GroupWare Technologies Holdings, Inc.

Groupware Technologies, Inc. is an independent software vendor specializing in the design, distribution and support of its proprietary care management software, Provide® Enterprise. Our mission is to help our customers deliver better and more cost-effective care to their clients through process improvements and technology solutions.

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Aryv, Inc.

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iMETx, Inc.

iMETx™ technology provides a treatment regimen that helps participants increase their energetic capacity, reduce risk of chronic disease and improve quality of life. The treatment consists of an assessment test, which provides a precise measure of a participant’s physical function and a metabolic power-based treatment plan specifically designed to help individuals gradually increase physicality and

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Vytal Health LLC

WellnessScript is creating the largest non-traditional virtual medical group, applying smart technology to modernize holistic medicine. As a telemedicine solution, we provide a niche model that is different from transactional acute care. WellnessScript’s comprehensive solution includes physician consultations, lab testing, compounded pharmaceuticals, and professional-grade supplements, completely accessible from the comfort of home.

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Flow Healthcare, Inc.

Flow Healthcare is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company focused on making the current healthcare system more efficient by streamlining management of the employee life cycle. It empowers providers, HR teams, and organizations to start making an impact, faster. The Flow platform accomplishes this by simplifying, augmenting, and automating existing processes such as onboarding,

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Smartcare Software, Inc.

An “all-in-one” home healthcare enterprise software solution to optimize home care agency operations and caregiver workflow improving the care coordination and continuum of care. SMARTcare provides an integrated home healthcare software suite with full CRM capabilities, client/patient management and caregiver optimization tools, with data capture and analytics tailored to best-practices in home healthcare. The system

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AIQ Global, Inc.

AIQ Solutions, Inc. is a medical software company that is developing a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) platform focused on improving the treatment of complex diseases. AIQ provides clinicians with intelligence that is more comprehensive, more precise, more quantitative and available much sooner than is possible with other tools. AIQ s technology platform can be applied

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