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Information Technology

Unext LLC

Tyrone Powell founded Unext in 2019 after realizing that many students weren't comfortable with their major of interest. After being uncertain about his own career path, Tyrone Realized that outside of internship and employment opportunities, it's hard for students to get involved in their career. He set out to solve that problem and Unext was

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2ft Design Data, Inc.

2Ft.D is an online, SaaS-based tool and marketplace that takes the mystery out of the process of real estate development for the novice entrepreneur and community place maker to support local growth. Designed for community-led incremental development of housing, retail spaces, home renovation, and much more. We help these small developers and individuals make their

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ReinventAuctions, Inc.

ReinventAuctions provides a frictionless digital exchange platform enabling dealer-to-dealer wholesale vehicle transactions in the RV, powersport, marine and automotive space. Reinvent’s wholesale exchange supports multiple vehicle types with tech connectivity that pulls vehicle updates directly from a dealer’s inventory management system making it a more efficient wholesale alternative to legacy physical "brick & mortar" auctions

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Digidex Technologies LLC

Digidex Technologies LLC was founded to develop and sell a contact management solution called Digidex. It was founded by Keith and Gray Martin (father and son) and is based just outside VIroqua, WI. The long term goal of Digidex Technologies is to develop an elegant, easy to use solution for keeping contact information current for

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HeyGov is a fintech startup focused on local government. We're building the world's most advanced payment platform for local government. Our vision is every municipality & county accepting card payments for their services/fees. It should be easy enough that anybody can pay, whether by card, smartphone or online.

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Fenster Analytics Inc

Fenster Analytics is a Wisconsin-based B2B SaaS company with engineering operations in Estonia. We provide ad hoc analysis and data visualization software for fast-paced power users with a need for deep analytics. We primarily serve the video game developer market by providing a system to manage and explore data to improve their customers’ experience.

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