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Information Technology

Super User Index, LLC

The Super User Index was developed as a resource for Small Business Owners to find the right fit to support them with technology and software. Our vetted directory of US-based freelancers, independent contractors and virtual assistants allows them to share their expertise, offering an easy and comprehensive search engine for busy professionals.

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Joystik Life, Inc

The most efficient digital health (mobile application) solution for stress management. Joystik Life brings a different take to the meditation space providing a more scientific, simple, powerful, and engaging solution. Stress can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health. Joystik Life creates the ability to control the response of stress to better meet personal,

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Smart Kiosk, LLC

Smart Kiosk's ReactAI reshapes customer engagement. Combining state-of-the-art hardware with AI and motion tracking, it offers personalized experiences. Features like instant video support adapt to real-time customer needs. The result? Improved satisfaction, efficiency, and adaptability for businesses. Smart Kiosk merges physical and digital shopping, elevating sales and loyalty, and ensuring a marketplace advantage.

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Technico, LLC

The TECHNICO program supports the Students in the Trades industry through membership to our program at no charge to students and administrators. The TECHNICO Partner Program has been developed to support the student membership population. TECHNICO also has created a digital marketing platform to support Contractors in the building trades and as part of our

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Midwest Games Company

Midwest Games is a video game publisher focused on creating opportunities for the abundant talent across the Midwest and other underrepresented regions. We fund, distribute, and take a title to market via marketing, production services, consumer insights, localization, and quality assurance. As our games succeed, we bring new underrepresented voices to market, support overlooked developers,

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Appion Solutions, Inc.

Appion Solutions provides cloud-based, mobile-friendly software to help manage the lifecycle of apprentice programs nationwide. From the application process through managing the collection and reporting of data during the apprenticeship period, Appion is an affordable, secure, and customized software solution for apprentice programs run by unions, companies, education and non-profits.

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TRT Speech Labs LLC

TRT Speech Labs is a healthtech company developing web-based platforms to improve detection and treatment of deficits in human speech. Our groundbreaking product, Hello Audrey, improves access and treatment delivery by seamlessly connecting providers and patients in a virtual, asynchronous environment in order to capture human speech recordings. Our proprietary algorithm works to analyze the

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Flenard Enterprises, LLC

Podcast Town is a full-service, vertically integrated, tech-enabled podcast company dedicated to helping our partners launch and monetize their show. We provide the best possible service to our partners, from ideation to distribution. We provide comprehensive services such as audio engineering, video editing, website design, social media management, SEO optimization, e-commerce solutions and more –

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