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Igiene Labs, LLC

Igiene Labs LLC was founded in 2019 by Mark Brenner and Terry Bush, two UW graduates, to commercialize a highly effective and long lasting fabric treatment that has been tested to kill 14 public pathogens including bacteria, microorganisms and viruses. In addition to sales and marketing experts, our team includes an original product co-inventor and

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Void Technologies (USA) Limited

VOID is a materials science company spun out of Kimberly-Clark in 2015 to commercialise the VO+ technology. VO+ is an extensively patented technology that engineers a nano-voided structure into polymers to create lighter, stronger, lower cost and more sustainable products. VOID’s primary business model is based on supplying VO+ masterbatches to manufacturers in industries including

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Clandestine Materials Detection, Inc.

The University of Wisconsin has developed and patented a technology that can detect the explosives in land mines and IEDs using neutron drones. CMD is licensed to advance the technology for humanitarian and military applications. Other applications include medical, mineral exploration and space mining.

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Goodland Extracts LLC

Goodland Extracts is a premier hemp processing facility for the extraction, refinement, and purification of high purity cannabinoid oils, distillates, and isolates. Our focus is utilizing state-of-the-art extraction and purification methods to yield high quality hemp extracts that meet or exceed government regulations, industry standards, and client satisfaction. We are translating our passion and knowledge

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Silvermine Stone Operating Co., LLC

Silvermine Stone Belterra Veneer Siding is our flagship line. Belterra products include Flat Stones, Corner Stones and Pillar Stones and accessories include Sills, Caps, Light Boxes and Outlet Boxes. The company’ products come in 5 beautiful colors and have a real stone aesthetic, are easy to install and protect houses from water damage. Silvermine products

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WilCraft Can, LLC

WilCraft Can is based in Southeastern Wisconsin. It was started by three friends with a strong technical background and a shared passion for craft beer, high quality packaging, and sustainability. Our focus is to provide innovative packaging solutions to our customers so they can focus on their key core competencies and making their great liquids.

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