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Water/Clean Technology

Igneous IP Holdings LLC

PrintFoam is a cleantech infrastructure company enabled by a revolutionary high resolution, high throughput additive manufacturing process. From carbon capture, to optimizing concrete usage, PrintFoam produces complex structures to solve some of the toughest challenges in the world.

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Omni Solutions, LLC

OMNI Solutions delivers the highest level of cleaning and sanitization systems to the industries of healthcare, hospitality and institutions. Programs include the LUX Hyrdoxyl System, Smart Ultraviolet Light Advanced Oxidation System, Smart Laundry Products, Smart Housekeeping Proportion Packs and Smart Housekeeping Concentrate Line. Using Earth-friendly, biodegradable cleaning and laundry solutions, OMNI Solutions helps businesses save

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Roving Blue Inc.

Roving Blue delivers clean water to the places that are hardest to reach and where it is needed most: natural and man-made disasters, mobile military units, corporate & industrial field personnel, and isolated communities where traditional capital-intensive municipal water treatment infrastructure is not practical.

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Wellntel, Inc.

Wellntel is a water technology company focused on creating products that bring awareness, increase understanding and promote sustainable use of ground water. The Wellntel system is the first in a family of smart, resource-aware products from the company.

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PegEx, Inc.

Pegasus Sustainability Solutions provides sustainability, environmental programs and waste management solutions to clients in industrial, commercial and life science organizations. Our sustainability solutions include waste minimization and diversion as well as innovative recycling and reclaim programs for all waste streams.  In addition to our waste solutions, we also provide consulting and advisory services for energy, water

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Blue Planet Strategies, LLC

Blue Planet Strategies aims to revolutionize mining with DeMet™ water treatment technology. BPS is passionate about providing innovative point-of-use ​transformations that benefit key processing steps of infrastructure industries.

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