New expansion will create 36 jobs, $1.65 million capital investment

MADISON, WI. AUG. 12, 2019 – Specialty Cheese Company Inc., one of the nation’s top manufacturers of ethnic cheeses and baked cheese snacks, is expanding its facility operations in Reeseville—a $1.65 million project expected to create 36 jobs over the next two years.

“Specialty Cheese Company’s investment in Wisconsin shows the company’s continued commitment to our state and their workforce,” said Mark R. Hogan, secretary and CEO of WEDC, the state’s lead economic development organization. “This expansion will require a significant capital investment on the part of the company, and WEDC is proud to provide support to make this a viable project for the company and its employees.”

Specialty Cheese Company Inc. was founded in Reeseville in 1991, when the Scharfman family purchased five old cheese factories dating back to the 1860s. Since then, the company has continued to expand and modernize, purchasing a local high school and converting it into a cheese factory in 2003.

“I am grateful for the help of WEDC in helping our family and our community build our business,” said Specialty Cheese Company President Paul Scharfman. “It is expensive for a small business to invest in capital improvements and capacity expansion. WEDC’s help is invaluable.”

WEDC is supporting the project by authorizing up to $100,000 in state income tax credits over the next three years. The actual amount of tax credits Specialty Cheese Company will receive is contingent upon the number of jobs created and the amount of capital investment during that period.

The project includes plans to expand Specialty Cheese Company’s Reeseville facility to allow the company to further increase capacity for its new snack line and improve capacity for its fresh cheese products. The company also plans to remodel a portion of its factory to accommodate new equipment and increase capacity for manufacturing.

“I applaud WEDC for making an investment into a company that has been a staple of the Reeseville community for almost 30 years, said state Rep. John Jagler. “This company is a perfect example of an American success story, and I wish nothing but the best for Specialty Cheese Company and its employees.”

“It’s great to see the 13th Senate District benefiting directly as a part of our state’s strong economy. With the helpful work of WEDC, more family-supporting jobs are on the way to Reeseville,” said state Sen. Scott Fitzgerald. “Wisconsin is the best place in the country to work, live and raise a family. I wish Specialty Cheese Company all the best as they continue to expand and invest in our community.”

In addition to the 36 jobs expected to be created by Specialty Cheese Company, an economic modeling study estimates the project could indirectly generate 119 additional jobs in the region. Those 155 new jobs are expected to have an annual impact of $250,274 in state income tax revenue.

The company has tripled employment within the last 25 years and continues to be a national leader in ethnic cheese manufacturing, producing over 35 varieties of cheese representing dozens of ethnic traditions. Ten Wisconsin licensed cheesemakers lead production for the company, with more than 100 family farmers supplying the company with milk every day.