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Freshwater Collaborative prepares Wisconsin’s future workforce to address water challenges

Wisconsin has a wealth of educational resources for students who want to delve into solving the world’s water challenges, and new initiative aims to coordinate those efforts across the state’s public institutions of higher education, enabling both improved collaboration and increased specialization as each institution further develops its areas of expertise. Read More

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New initiative helps high-school students trace the “pathways” to their chosen careers

At a panel discussion in Madison on March 22, WEDC Sector Development Director Kathy Heady (the rightmost panelist) spoke about how K-12 school districts, technical colleges, state government and economic development partners are overcoming silos and working together in the Pathways Wisconsin initiative. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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BioHealth Summit: Wisconsin Has the Potential to be Next Great Biomanufacturing Center

From L to R: Tom Foti, general manager of Aldevron's Madison office; Matt Jennings, president and CEO, Phillips-Medisize; Bill Murphy, co-director of UW-Madison's Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center; and Derek Hei, vice president of clinical manufacture, quality and regulatory activities for Cellular Dynamics Wisconsin hasn’t quite achieved status as a worldwide hub

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