At the Future Wisconsin Summit, organized by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and attended by nearly 500 business leaders and economic development partners in Madison on Thursday, Dec. 15, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Deputy Secretary Tricia Braun provided an update on a collaborative communication strategy that is being deployed by businesses and organizations throughout Wisconsin to drive interest in living, working and succeeding in the state.

Braun was joined by partners representing a variety of geographies and perspectives, representing the collective momentum that exists to articulate and deliver on Wisconsin’s promise. These partners showcased examples from their respective areas of the Wisconsin mentality of encouraging thinking big, making one’s mark, and making things happen: Think-Make-Happen.

The debut at the Future Summit was only the beginning for the Think-Make-Happen initiative. To learn more or get involved, visit

Below is a collection of some of the Future Summit attendees’ social media responses to Think-Make-Happen, as well as updates and discussions from presentations throughout the day.