Think-Make-Happen In Wisconsin extends its digital reach 

Across the nation, states are facing a shared challenge: Attracting and retaining talent to maintain a strong workforce. But few states have stepped up to the challenge like Wisconsin has. 

Launched in December 2016 at the Future Wisconsin Summit, Think-Make-Happen In Wisconsin is a shared initiative to promote Wisconsin as a prime destination for business, career and personal fulfillment. Following the launch, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) spent months talking with partners and stakeholders about Think-Make-Happen, sharing the new platform and gathering support from people around the state. 

But Think-Make-Happen In Wisconsin is meant to extend beyond the state’s boundaries. 

In mid-August, WEDC took the next step in sharing Think-Make-Happen to a wider audience with the roll-out of four new social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. These channels are designed to connect with both businesses and potential Wisconsin workers to promote the many opportunities the state offers and to shine a positive light on the aspects of Wisconsin that help people, communities and businesses thrive here. 

Although WEDC established Think-Make-Happen, the hope is that other agencies, organizations, communities and individuals around the state will embrace it as a unifying message to strengthen Wisconsin’s economy and workforce. You are invited to engage with the new platforms by following the pages and accounts, liking and sharing posts and adding your voice to the conversation. Spread the word by asking your own followers, friends and colleagues to engage with Think-Make-Happen as well.  

Wisconsin’s continued economic strength depends not only on retaining its talented workforce, but also on attracting new people who can make a positive contribution to Wisconsin communities and companies. Join the many ambassadors throughout the state who are using this compelling message to promote Wisconsin’s many advantages to strengthen our economy and grow our workforce.