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Personal contact creates business opportunities, but that’s not always easy when your target market is thousands of miles away. Traveling to markets around the world is critical for companies that wish to export: it allows companies not only to gain firsthand knowledge of the competitive environment in those markets, but to develop strong working relationships with key customers and partners. Compared to the U.S., many cultures around the world place a greater emphasis on face-to-face meetings, especially in the early stages of a business relationship.

With WEDC’s global trade ventures, all the logistics of overseas travel are taken care of, freeing up attendees’ time and attention to focus on making business connections. In addition to arranging your meetings with pre-vetted potential business partners in the local market, Wisconsin’s authorized trade representatives will also provide you with market intelligence to inform your company’s export strategy.

Consider joining WEDC on one of these upcoming trade ventures (specific dates and cities subject to change):

Japan, Sept. 6-14, 2019
Tokyo, Chiba City and Yokohama

Australia, Nov. 15-23, 2019
Sydney and Melbourne

Mexico, Feb. 15-21, 2020
Guadalajara and Mexico City

Canada, March 8-13, 2020
Vancouver and Winnipeg

China, April 2020
Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen

Europe, June 2020

WEDC’s global trade ventures are organized with the needs of Wisconsin companies in mind, and markets are specifically chosen to match Wisconsin’s sectors of greatest strength and opportunity.

“Participating in global trade ventures provide great professional value while offering a greater cultural understanding of the markets you’re seeking to do business with,” said Katy Sinnott, WEDC vice president of international business development. “We invite companies to join us over the next year in visiting one of these leading markets to grow their business.”

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May 2019