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As of July, WEDC’s Global Network now covers 96 countries and territories around the world, up from 84 previously.

With a finger on the pulse of political, social, economic and geographic factors that affect the demand for Wisconsin made products around the world, these authorized trade representatives provide timely and relevant in-market expertise to Wisconsin businesses.

“Wisconsin companies know that if they want sustainable growth, they need to export,” says Katy Sinnott, WEDC vice president of international business development. “However, entering new markets requires solid preparation to be successful. With the help of the Global Network, companies can gain crucial information to inform their decisions about whether and how to introduce their products into a given market.”

The Global Network can provide industry, product and market assessments, including macroeconomic and industry analysis; competitive product analysis; analysis of marketing and sales channels, regulatory issues, and tariffs, taxes and other costs. Wisconsin’s trade offices can also conduct a product review of up to five HTS numbers.

Authorized trade representatives are able to conduct partner searches; vet potential agents, distributors and in-country representatives for Wisconsin companies; and offer help with setting up meetings in country. They can also assist with travel logistics and service provider referrals.

Some of these types of technical assistance carry a fee; interested companies can start with a call or email to Stanley Pfrang, senior market development director, at 608.210.6777 or

WEDC also maintains an Exporting 101 section on its website, as well as a Market Intelligence section with news from markets around the world reported with a Wisconsin angle.

Once companies identify what markets they are interested in, they can accompany WEDC on a Global Trade Venture. Wisconsin delegations visit six foreign markets each year. Upcoming destinations include Australia, Mexico, Canada, China and Germany.

In addition to expanding its Global Network, WEDC is also enhancing its communication with Wisconsin companies interested in exporting. To receive regular information on WEDC’s exporting programs and resources, including grant opportunities and trade ventures, sign up here.