WEDC Television Commercials Promote Wisconsin’s Business Climate

Leveraging the In Wisconsin brand developed to highlight the benefits of doing business in the state, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has begun airing television commercials in bordering states to encourage business leaders to start-up, relocate or expand operations here.

The television commercials are part of an integrated marketing strategy that utilizes print and online media in addition to events and direct marketing opportunities to position Wisconsin as a premier business location.

WEDC’s marketing efforts are driven by a recommendation made in the 2010 Be Bold Wisconsin study to step up the promotion of the state’s economic assets. Business attraction, in particular, is an intensely competitive endeavor, and Wisconsin has historically lagged other states in making its value proposition known.

WEDC’s television commercials leverage video testimonials from some of the state’s global industry leaders. These messages, which were part of the launch of the In Wisconsin brand within the state’s borders, will reach a much wider audience through this paid media campaign.

In addition to highlighting policies, educational institutions and economic development resources available to help businesses succeed in Wisconsin, WEDC has developed a commercial that specifically draws attention to the talented workforce that drives our industries, a critical consideration in any business location decision.

The In Wisconsin television commercials will run in Chicago, Rockford and Minneapolis-St. Paul on highly targeted programming within cable networks including CNN, FOX News and CNBC. In addition to the two top-rated news stations targeting business decision makers—CNN and CNBC—the media plan also includes the nation’s number-one morning news show: Fox and Friends.

(January 2014)