Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Opportunities for Wisconsin companies in aviation, repair and maintenance, airline supply, systems and peripherals

International and domestic arrivals are up significantly in South Africa. This growth means ancillary products and services will be required. Wisconsin companies in the aviation sector are encouraged to explore these opportunities.

Passenger arrivals in the first quarter of 2016 were up across the board in comparison to the prior year. Domestic arrivals jumped 11.4 percent, while international arrivals were up 2.3 percent and regional arrivals by 2 percent. Total arrivals were up 8.4 percent.

A similar pattern applies to departures. Domestic departures were up 11.3 percent, international departures rose 3.1 percent and regional departures by 1.8 percent. Total departures increased by 8.6 percent. Figures for Johannesburg account for over 20 million total (inclusive of domestic, regional and international) arrivals in 2015 and is proportionately important relative to other airport traffic.

For the second quarter, in comparison with the same period last year, again there were increases in all categories. Domestic arrivals rose by 5 percent, international arrivals by 3.2 percent and regional arrivals by 7 percent, while total arrivals were up 4.6 percent. Domestic departures increased by 6.6 percent, international departures by 3.6 percent, regional departures by 8.3 percent and total departures by 5.8 percent.

Regional flight growth has been magnified by two regional national carriers, Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airlines, operating out of Addis Ababa and Nairobi respectively, becoming more successful against other regional hubs routing to Europe and other destination. The growth of domestic traffic has been tied to new local, low-cost and specialty destination airlines in South Africa, namely Fly Blue Crane, FlySafair and others, becoming sustainable.

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