Region/Countries: Australia, Australia and New Zealand Industry: Multiple Sectors Date: August 2018

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Companies are encouraged to take advantage of WEDC's services for market intelligence, including company-specific research and global trade ventures to the market.

Wisconsin has a longstanding and successful trade relationship with Australia, exporting over $560 million worth of goods to Australia in 2017. Australia is Wisconsin’s  No. 8 export market globally and No. 3 export market among the Asia/Pacific nations. Wisconsin’s key exports to Australia include industrial machinery, transportation equipment, health care and medical technology, and scientific instruments.

Realizing that Australia is an appealing and profitable market for Wisconsin companies, WEDC is providing Wisconsin exporters the opportunity to travel to the region in November 2018 to help gather market intelligence, connect with potential buyers, distributors and other partners in the Australian market.

WEDC’s authorized trade representative in Australia has seen firsthand that exporters who visit the market (ideally more than once) are more successful. They develop a better understanding of the local market, establish and build relationships with in-country partners, and win export orders faster.

The Australian office recently traveled to Wisconsin to provide a briefing on promising sectors and to share tips and insights on conducting business in Australia from a practical and cultural perspective. Sectors of opportunity include but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure:  industrial equipment and automated systems, civil engineering and construction, transportation planning and equipment, energy efficiency and remote monitoring solutions
  • Waste management: water technology and wastewater infrastructure, renewable energy and water recycling/filtration, material handling, waste transformation and recycling technology
  • Healthcare/medical technology: pharmaceuticals/diagnostics/medical equipment/ preventative health care products, information technology and software products for health care management, senior care products/services and clinical trials
  • Digital technology/ICT: e-government, cybersecurity, e-health, cloud computing and digital infrastructure
  • Agribusiness and food sector: agricultural machinery, advanced food processing and packaging, sustainable technologies, product innovation and development.
  • Space industry: satellites, communications, big data analytics, robotics
  • Smart Cities: infrastructure, sensors, smart energy and data management

Wisconsin exporters interested in exporting to Australia are encouraged to:

  • review the library of stories on the WEDC Market Intelligence Portal for more in-depth insights into sector-specific opportunities, and
  • contact WEDC to obtain a copy of the presentation “Opportunities in the Australian Market.”