Region/Countries: Australia, Australia and New Zealand Industry: Other Date: December 2017

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Wisconsin companies can contribute to these vital infrastructure projects.

Australia’s provincial capitals are expected to grow significantly in the coming decades, highlighting the importance of investing in essential transportation infrastructure to support more populous cities and a growing demand for road and rail transport. Improvements to passenger rail networks and roads will enhance the livability of Australia’s cities by providing rapid and efficient transportation, in addition to assisting national and regional social and economic development.

The Australian government has demonstrated a major, long-term investment in transportation infrastructure by committing over $57 billion ($75 billion Australian) in funding over the next 10 years as part of the national Infrastructure Investment Program. The government has also announced a number of individual funding programs, including:

  • The National Rail Program: $7.6 billion ($10 billion Australian) for major passenger rail projects over the next 10 years to improve passenger rail connections between Australia’s capital cities and the surrounding regional areas. Some examples of specific projects that will receive funding under the National Rail Program include:
    • Victoria: $383 million ($500 million Australian) rail package to upgrade critical rail connections in regional Victoria, and $23 million ($30 million Australian) to support the development of a rail link between Melbourne CBD and Tullamarine Airport, Australia’s second-busiest airport
    • Western Australia: $607 million ($792 million Australian) to support the development of Perth’s Metronet
  • The National Highway Upgrade Program (NHUP): $174 million ($228 million Australian) over five years to fund top-priority improvements to Australia’s key national highway networks across all states and territories, such as shoulder widening, overtaking/turning lanes, wire rope barriers, etc.
  • Bridges Renewal Program: $320 million ($420 million Australian) over six years to upgrade and replace bridges and improve vehicle access, as well as an ongoing commitment of $46 million ($60 million Australian) each year thereafter.
  • Northern Australia Roads Program: $460 million ($600 million Australian) to enable upgrades and safety and productivity improvements to high-priority roads in Northern Australia.

Wisconsin companies with experience and expertise in the supply of goods and services related to land transportation infrastructure are encouraged to:

  • review the major initiatives and individual funding projects identified above to identify specific areas of opportunity;
  • explore potential opportunities to collaborate with Australian state and territory governments on public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects with a capital cost over $38 million ($50 million Australian) (as stipulated by the National PPP Policy Framework); and
  • review and register with AusTender, the Australian government procurement information platform, to stay abreast of current and future tenders.