Region/Countries: Australia, Australia and New Zealand Industry: Other Date: December 2018

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Details on how Wisconsin companies can bid on these projects

Upgrades to public safety and critical communications technologies and solutions are under way in Australia due to a growing need to enhance the country’s capacity to respond to new threats and to improve emergency services capabilities.

With an estimated annual revenue of $36 billion ($51 billion Australian) in 2015-16, the Australian public safety industry comprises 81 separate organizations, including police, fire and rescue services, maritime rescue, emergency services and management agencies, the Australian Defence Force, intelligence organizations and associated support functions. As of 2017, the industry employed over 188,000 full-time employees and 28,000 standby/reserve employees, as well as engaging approximately 257,000 volunteers.

For the first time, the Australian federal and state governments are collaborating on a nationally interoperable public safety mobile broadband capability, which will enable accessible, reliable and secure high-speed mobile data communications within and between public safety agencies in different jurisdictions. As part of this process, the private sector has been asked to provide solutions for cutting-edge equipment that can be integrated by public safety agencies into their mission-critical communications portfolios.

Public safety agencies operating at the state and territory level are strong potential clients for Wisconsin exporters. View a complete list of state and territory emergency services organizations. The major agencies within each state and territory include ambulance, fire and rescue, police and state emergency services.

A number of these organizations procure through pre-approved contracts. Wisconsin companies are therefore encouraged to partner with pre-approved companies or to apply for prequalification on projects such as the New South Wales (NSW) Telco Authority ITS 2573 Operational Telecommunications Equipment, Infrastructure and Services Prequalification Scheme and the NSW government ICT Scheme – SCM0020. Other agencies have similar pre-approved projects.

Critical communications enhancement is a major priority for the Australian government. An example of its importance is the NSW government spending $125 million ($178 million Australian) on an emergency communications overhaul in mid-2017. Wisconsin exporters interested in forming partnerships with the Australian public safety and critical communications sector are encouraged to: