Region/Countries: Australia, Australia and New Zealand Industry: Other Date: October 2017

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: About $7 billion is expected to be spent in the next five years, mostly by state and territorial governments, to build new schools and upgrade existing ones. All types of building products and services are needed.

The education sector in Australia is made up of about 9,400 schools with roughly 3.8 million students, as well as 43 universities with about 1 million students, and recent reports indicate that Australia plans to spend $6.7 billion ($10 billion Australian) building, upgrading, repurposing and managing schools, universities and educational facilities over the next five years.

With all this activity, increased opportunities for product and service providers are expected all along the supply chain, starting with the planning process and moving through to the physical build-out, fit-outs and specification of technology solutions.

Trends in educational facility design, as illustrated in the articles below, include: the increasing use of high-rise buildings to counter the lack of space in urban areas, increased usage of on-campus student residences, the construction of wellness centers, and eco-friendly and sustainable design.

The main source of funding for school infrastructure is the states and territories that are responsible for the delivery of school education in Australia. All schools, government-run and independently operated, are subject to government requirements in terms of infrastructure, and most of the states and territories have established dedicated building and infrastructure programs and websites outlining their plans. Links to three of the largest programs are below, and Wisconsin exporters are encouraged to visit the sites and register for updates on upcoming tenders and opportunities:

In the tertiary education sector, Australian universities ultimately make their own procurement decisions, but may choose to outsource the selection and implementation of high-value projects’ procurement to professional service firms. Universities will generally have their own tender sites (e.g., University of Canberra and University of Sydney), and also often publish to Tenderlink.

Wisconsin companies that provide solutions and services to property developers and the school and tertiary education sectors may find opportunity in Australia. Examples of solutions needed for these projects include building products (flooring, paneling, lighting, windows, ceilings, HVAC, acoustics, doors, fire protection, joinery, portable and pre-fabricated classrooms), furniture, ergonomic furniture, storage and lockers, audio visual, information and communications technology infrastructure, educational technology solutions, data and communications security, CCTV, warning systems, public address systems, access control and ID management, building management systems, outdoor play equipment, shading, turf, landscaping, and occupational health and safety.