Region/Countries: Canada, North America Industry: Energy, Power and Control Date: December 2020

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: There are opportunities for Wisconsin suppliers to participate in upgrades to the Bruce Power nuclear facility, which produces one-third of Ontario Province's power.

Launched in 2016, the Bruce Power Life Extension Program is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Canada. As a public-private partnership, the program, which will run until 2033 and has a total budget of $13 billion CAD, will extend the operating life of the nuclear facility to 2064.

Currently the Bruce Power nuclear facility is one of the largest in the world, with eight operating units producing 30% of Ontario Province's power. The facility also produces Cobalt 60, medical isotopes that sterilize 40% of the world's surgical equipment and appliances and provide gamma knife treatment for cancer.

In 2020, Bruce Power began the execution phase of its first Major Component Replacement (MCR) project. Between 2020 and 2033, Units 3-8 will be upgraded, replacing the reactor components to extend the life of those units and the Bruce Power site through 2064. Specific reactor components being replaced include steam generators, pressure tubes, calandria tubes and feeder tubes. Bruce Power also plans to incorporate artificial intelligence and robotics into the facility to improve efficiency and increase worker safety in the wake of COVID-19. They also plan to develop additional cancer treatments and research beyond their current applications.

While there is a focus on procuring locally in Ontario to get the most economic benefit from the refurbishment project, there may still be opportunities for Wisconsin companies with experience in the nuclear industry to participate. For their supplier process, Bruce Power has selected the online platform hosted by ISNetworld (ISN). ISN is a global leader in supplier information management and supports more than 66,000 contractors and 500 hiring companies, including Ontario Power Generation, Hydro Ottawa and Toronto Hydro.