Region/Countries: Canada, North America Industry: Other Date: July 2019

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: This report highlights major projects in Metro Vancouver that Wisconsin companies can take part in.

Investments in public transit infrastructure support the ability to move people and goods efficiently and affordably and provide sustainable transportation options that support a low-carbon economy, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions for Canadians.

TransLink is Metro Vancouver's transportation network, serving residents and visitors with public transit, major roads and bridges. With a legislative requirement to identify proposed transportation services, key initiatives and capital investments (and to determine how these services, initiatives and investments will be funded), TransLink must prepare a 10-year investment plan at least once every three years and present it to the Mayor’s Council for approval. Once approved, the 10-year Investment Plan becomes the new strategic plan.

The current 10-year 2018-2027 Investment Plan—also known as “Phase Two Plan”—was approved in June  2018 and outlines a number of key transportation improvement projects that will help transit ridership increase from 2017’s ridership level (248 million) to 316 million trips by 2027. A few of the new investments funded in Phase Two include:

  • Modernization of Expo-Millennium Line infrastructure, including significant capacity and reliability upgrades to systems and stations, and additional SkyTrain cars for the Expo and Millennium lines to increase capacity and accommodate growth
  • Construction and operation of the Millennium Line Broadway Extension
  • Construction and operation of the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line (Light Rail Transit)
  • Project development and potential early works for the Surrey-Langley Line (Light Rail Transit)

A May 2019 news release outlines a $1.47 billion investment that will increase the capacity of the SkyTrain fleet and support much-needed operational and system upgrades along the Expo and Millennium Lines to serve a rapidly growing ridership. The funds will be used to purchase approximately 200 new SkyTrain cars to replace the 150 original cars nearing the end of their life cycle and to expand the fleet. A new vehicle storage facility will also be built; upgrades to the vehicle operations and maintenance center will be undertaken; and mainline power, train control and operating systems will be improved along the Expo and Millennium Lines to support longer and more frequent trains.

Wisconsin companies have an opportunity to contribute to TransLink transit investment projects by supplying and/or partnering with other organizations requiring products and services on a number of key transportation improvement projects. For more information on current opportunities, please visit the TransLink Bidding Opportunities website.