Region/Countries: Canada, North America Industry: Water / Clean Technology Date: November 2020

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Wisconsin companies can play a role in modernization projects across Canada.

According to the 2019 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card, approximately 40% to 60% of the country’s stormwater infrastructure is in good or very good condition. Stormwater infrastructure includes linear collection systems (such as collection pipes, ditches and culverts) and non-linear assets (such as drainage pump stations and management facilities, including ponds, wetlands and other end-of-pipe-facilities).

Stormwater management assets were largely built in the last 20 years, and there is a now a focus on capacity issues that will require rehabilitation or replacement work due to the impact of climate change. Jurisdictions across Canada are experiencing more intense precipitation events, and the Insurance Board of Canada says flooding now costs more than any other climate issue. The board’s 2019 report said that an average annual investment in municipal infrastructure and adaptation of $5.3 billion is needed, and that “flood, erosion and permafrost melt require the greatest investment.”

During the pandemic, several government agencies expanded financing to accommodate additional projects in water infrastructure, and also in public transit, green infrastructure, broadband and rural communities. In fact, through the Investing in Canada Plan, more than $180 billion CAD is being delivered over 12 years to provide funding. Project costs can be shared by the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal levels of government. Examples of current and proposed initiatives include:

  • The City of Toronto has launched a $3 billion CAD project to improve water quality in Lake Ontario and the city's waterways.
  • The governments of Canada and Québec are investing $637.8 million CAD in green infrastructure projects in that province to provide proper drinking water services, stormwater management and wastewater collection services.
  • The governments of Canada and Alberta are investing $150.1 million CAD in infrastructure projects in northern Alberta, including upgrades to stormwater infrastructure.

Wisconsin companies seeking opportunities are invited to review public tenders on a federal level at, provincially at Ontario Tenders Portal (OTP), municipally at the City of Toronto, and on similar sites for other Canadian jurisdictions.