Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Wisconsin companies can contribute to the development of this new infrastructure.

The 4G Highway Concession Program presents an exciting opportunity in Colombia for public-private partnerships and construction supply companies. This ambitious program is made up of 40 projects to build 8,000 km of roadway in all, with a total investment of $25 billion over the next seven years. This represents opportunities for Wisconsin firms to be involved in both construction of highways and supply of construction equipment.

It is estimated that in the next five years, Colombia’s construction industry will sustain strong levels of real growth, averaging 4.9 percent per year. This sector is being fueled by public-private partnerships, and newly strengthened institutional framework has attracted private investors. Colombia has created a National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), issued new public-private partnership laws and created a state development bank, Financiero de Desarrollo. Furthermore, the free trade agreement  between the U.S. and Colombia provides duty-free access for construction equipment into the Colombian market, which will benefit Wisconsin companies.

A particular project under this program will be going to tender in 2017. The Legía-Saravena highway project requires an investment of $2 billion to improve and maintain asphalt and hydraulic-paved urban roads. This project will require the participation of construction equipment suppliers, construction companies and other agents.

Colombia’s national infrastructure agency ANI is in charge of the tender process for the government’s 47 roadway public-private partnership projects.