Region/Countries: Europe, Germany Industry: Manufacturing Date: February 2016

Q: What is Hannover Messe?

A: Hannover Messe is the world’s leading event for industrial technology. The trade fair, which is located in Germany, is expected to draw more than 200,000 attendees and 6,600 exhibitors from 62 counties this year. Exhibitors will represent industries including industrial automation, industrial supply, the digital factory, energy, research and technology. In 2016, for the first time since the show’s inception in 1947, the U.S. is the official partner country.

Q: What will the Wisconsin delegation be doing at Hannover Messe?

A: WEDC is organizing a trade venture to Germany from April 23-29 that coincides with the show and includes entry into the event. Additionally, since the U.S. is the official partner country for the show this year, WEDC will have an exhibit booth in the U.S. investment pavilion to educate attendees about the strength of the state’s advanced manufacturing industry and promote Wisconsin companies. Attracting foreign direct investment to Wisconsin by German and other European companies is another key objective of attending the show, as this benefits the state’s economy as a whole.

Q: Why should Wisconsin companies consider attending Hannover Messe?

A: The trade show is a crucial opportunity for companies to meet with potential buyers and partners in Europe, especially for those companies in the manufacturing and innovative products sectors. WEDC will complete market research ahead of time to create a unique schedule for attendees that will allow for facetime with partners that meet a company’s specific criteria—such as local distributors for European markets. Also, if the research suggests that meetings elsewhere in Germany or Europe would be useful, WEDC can help arrange for an altered schedule.

WEDC staff and in-country experts will also help companies participating in the trade venture to sort through the long list of sessions to attend and booths to see to ensure companies are making the most of their time in Germany.

Q: How can WEDC help Wisconsin companies attend Hannover Messe?

A: Manufacturing companies of all types and sizes should consider participating in the global trade venture since they will receive hand-selected contacts and a customized meeting schedule. WEDC subsidizes the cost of this valuable assistance, since when companies’ exports grow, it also benefits the state’s economy.

In addition, Wisconsin companies that qualify as small businesses according to U.S. Small Business Administration criteria can also apply for WEDC support to reserve a furnished booth in one of the U.S. pavilions at the show. WEDC will select up to six companies to fund, and will register and pay for the booths on the companies’ behalf. (This assistance is valued at $7,560; companies will have the option to add booth “extras” to their registration package at their own expense.)

Q: How can businesses sign up for Hannover Messe and the Germany trade venture?

A: More information about the trade venture, including an itinerary for the Hannover Messe trade show attendance can be found here. A link to register for the trip can be found on the right hand side of the information page. Small businesses interested in applying for booth assistance are especially encouraged to make prompt contact, since details of the show are rapidly being finalized.