Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Opportunities for Wisconsin companies to provide solutions

Cities in Latin America such as Santiago, Chile; Arequipa, Peru; and Cordoba, Argentina are working to develop innovation ecosystems similar to Silicon Valley in order to foster growth for new companies, with a particular focus on the IT sector. No other region in the world offers the same capacity to become the next IT world hub, and the market hopes to increase exports in products and services with added value, such as software, hardware or applications for tablets or smartphones. This presents an opportunity for Wisconsin businesses to supply the wide range of new IT products, services and solutions that will be needed to bring this about.

A growing focus on innovation in technology is prominent across the region. During 2014 in Santiago, $2.7 million of investment was awarded to new tech businesses from Startup Chile, and technology innovation is bolstered by a young population and high level of access to technology across the country. In Arequipa, two new centers for technology innovation were built in 2014, and the city plans to open a new industrial space for regional software. All across Peru, more private investment is sought to develop technological solutions. Argentina is already a regional model for information solutions exports, with Cordoba as its center of technology innovation. The country is expanding on this with the creation of a new center for software development.

Wisconsin businesses have the relevant expertise in creating the innovative and creative technological solutions that will be needed in order to develop these projects. A particular opportunity lies in providing solutions that will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

As the size of the technology sector grows across the region, there is a demand for security solutions including cybersecurity platforms, technology and systems convergence, and outsourcing of software development. For more info see recent articles in the International Business Times and BNA Americas.