Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: The Dutch delegation will focus on innovative solutions to challenges in water technology, energy, health care and food production.

“Global Challenges, Smart Solutions” is the theme of the Netherlands delegation at Hannover Messe 2016. Dutch technology companies will show their pragmatic, inventive and strong interdisciplinary approach and their international cooperation toward solving challenges in water technology, energy, health care and food production.

This year, the Netherlands will have more than 200 exhibitors, making it one of the five best represented countries at the world’s largest industrial trade fair.

The Holland High Tech House in hall 2/C12, the Holland Industrial Supply Pavilion in hall 4, the Holland Lightweight Pavilion in hall 6/D38, the Holland Automation Pavilion in hall 20/E35 and the Holland Energy and E-Mobility House in hall 27/M20 together make up for 2,500 square meters in Dutch technology during the Hannover Messe. Another central Holland high tech pavilion is located in hall 4/E49.

Worldwide, there will be an enormous challenge to supply for the quickly growing demand for food, energy, fresh water and raw materials. An aging population living for a longer time in good health adds to this burden, and international collaboration and partnerships are a necessity for innovative solutions to these challenges.

During the exhibition, Dutch organizations and companies will demonstrate technological solutions for worldwide societal challenges in the areas of mobility, energy, safety and climate, with the Dutch high-tech industry being leading in many fields of application. Wisconsin attendees are encouraged to stop by to learn about these solutions and discuss potential collaboration.