Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Wisconsin companies may be able to provide technology solutions to support Cencosud's plan to spend $1.8 billion opening new stores, renovating existing stores, and developing e-commerce in markets such as Chile, Argentina and Peru.

Cencosud is a major holding company in South America with a presence in markets such as Chile, Argentina and Peru, focusing on retail, supermarkets and many other products. The company recently announced the launch of a three-year, $1.8 billion USD investment plan focused on the renovation and construction of stores, in addition to investment in technology and the launch of a new store format.

Of the total project cost, $300 million USD will be allocated to investments in technology, logistics and e-commerce. This plan also includes the launch of a new e-commerce convenience store format called Spid 35, with which the company hopes to offer home deliveries of supermarket products in less than 35 minutes. Products will include food, beverages, basic household categories, snacks, sweets and frozen meals, among others. The goal is to make it easier for consumers to purchase necessities quickly and easily without the hassle of visiting a supermarket, especially as the pandemic continues. The company is also investing in dark stores in Chile to help speed up logistics and allow deliveries to be fulfilled quickly.

$740 million USD will be used to remodel stores. Wisconsin companies may wish to pursue opportunities to provide technological solutions to improve the shopping experience.