Region/Countries: Mexico, North America Industry: Other Date: May 2016

Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Unmet demand for sophisticated security systems presents an opportunity for Wisconsin companies.

Among Mexican companies and individuals, there is a high level of concern about crimes known as delitos patrimoniales, or property crimes, such as robbery, theft and burglary. Given the failure of local authorities to stop this type of crime, companies and individuals are investing in specific measures to dissuade criminals from breaking in or trespassing on private property. It is estimated that during 2015, Mexican households invested an average of $300 each in protecting against property crime.

Mexico represents a promising market opportunity for companies providing devices to make homes, businesses and commercial areas safer. Demand is high for surveillance equipment such as cameras, recording equipment, screens and alarm intrusion systems for home and commercial use. Main brands for these products in Mexico include Anixter, Pelco, Sony, Panasonic, ADT, Samsung, Bosch and Vicon.

When it comes to perimeter protection, the most sophisticated systems are not yet available in Mexico—a market opportunity, given the need of companies and houses for protection. According to industry sources, perimeter protection in Mexico still typically consists of wire fencing, cyclonic mesh, barbed wire and iron fences. Other more sophisticated systems such as boom barriers, ground detection and turnstiles are less common, as are products preferred by businesses: large sliding gates, entrance controls, tripods and complicated security gates. There are few companies in Mexico focused on perimeter protection, and many of them are representatives of larger corporations focused on security and operating worldwide.