Program goal:

The goal of the Global Trade Venture Program is to support the export capabilities of businesses in the state of Wisconsin.

This program supports the following WEDC Strategic Pillar and Focus Area:

Business Development: Export and International Trade

Program description:

The program provides Wisconsin companies access to expertise in target markets to realize export opportunities and to accelerate a company’s export sales. The program supports Wisconsin’s business growth by increasing collaboration between companies within our key industries and our target countries.

WEDC’s market development directors lead Wisconsin companies on virtual or in-country trade ventures, providing each participating company a suite of in-market services that are executed by one of WEDC’s Authorized Trade Representatives. The services of the U.S. Commercial Service and/or other independent contractors may be required to execute services for a trade venture. Program funds will help support the cost of country-specific business services to eligible Wisconsin companies by offsetting the cost of the venture.

If the market warrants a subject matter expert or an industry representative, WEDC may invite appropriate representatives to join the trade venture.