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Industrial Revenue Bond Media Kit


Thank you for partnering with WEDC to raise awareness of Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs).

IRBs are tax-exempt bonds that can help Wisconsin manufacturers expand their footprint at favorable borrowing rates. These bonds can be issued by the municipality, the county, or a local development authority. IRBs are regulated by the federal government. WEDC administers the bonds for the State of Wisconsin. The funds are most commonly used to build new factory space or add onto an existing plant.

Below, you’ll find a range of marketing resources to help you bring the benefit of IRBs to businesses in your area and partners in your network.


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Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) help municipalities support industrial development through the sale of tax-exempt bonds.

Wisconsin manufacturers can borrow at favorable interest rates to build new factories or expand an existing plant.

Learn more about IRBs:

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Wisconsin manufacturers can use funding from Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) to expand facilities and boost job growth.

Private companies can receive financing at lower interest rates that are typically lower than conventional loans.

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Below is a flyer that can be shared with partners to provide information on Internal Revenue Bonds.


This printable, short, easy-to-digest overview of Industrial Revenue Bonds will help companies better understand how this program works.

This email template includes a graphic header design and suggested copy to use when promoting Industrial Revenue Bonds to your contacts.

Suggested email copy for companies

Subject: Apply now: Low-interest loan to fund manufacturing expansion

Subheader: Consider Industrial Revenue Bonds to fund your company’s manufacturing expansion


Dear XXXX,

For qualifying projects, WEDC’s Industrial Revenue Bond Program can serve as the source of a low-interest loan to cover the cost of a manufacturing expansion. This is a program that exists in every state and is regulated at the federal level; in recent years, Wisconsin has not used up its full allotment of these tax-exempt bonds, so WEDC is seeking to raise awareness with a goal of receiving more applications for the program this year.

When the prevailing market interest rates are low, we typically receive few applications for the program, since low-interest loans are more widely available (and Industrial Revenue Bonds are therefore less appealing in comparison, due to the procedures and documentation involved). However, with the recent rise in interest rates, we expect that this program will be of interest to more companies, since the interest rate available is more favorable relative to market rates.

Although there is no explicit limit on company size, this program is generally most attractive for small to midsize manufacturers, since the maximum bond issue amount is $10 million and the program rules limit participating companies from spending more than $20 million for capital projects during the six-year period covering the three years before and the three years after the bond issue. (Projects with an environmental purpose—such as solid waste disposal, sewage, or producing local energy or gas—are eligible for larger bond issue amounts and relaxed program rules, subject to eligibility under federal law as evaluated by the bond counsel.)


The program requires a company to cooperate with a bonding authority (a municipality, county, or local or regional development authority) and to engage bond counsel. The bond issue process may be begun at any time throughout the year, but for anyone considering using this program in the near future, we encourage starting the process before Oct. 15, since additional conditions apply from that date through the end of the calendar year.

For more information on the Industrial Revenue Bond Program, please review the attached flyer and reach out to WEDC Financial Underwriting Manager Steven Sabatke at or 608.210.6741 with questions or to begin the application process.

Included is PowerPoint slides to outline Industrial Revenue Bonds that can be shown to partners or interested companies.


For help with the marketing kit and assets, contact:

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For more information on Industrial Revenue Bonds, contact:

Steven Sabatke
Financial Underwriting Manager