Forward Community Investments offer loans to organizations in Wisconsin that are making a significant impact in improving their communities. This community development financial institution works with nonprofit clients to provide loans to build or improve facilities, bridge funding gaps and expand capacity.

  • Secured real estate or equipment loans — Used to purchase property, build a building, buy equipment, refinance existing debt or for other expenditures related to your organization.
  • Bridge loans — Provides money to keep a project moving forward while an organization is waiting for pledged dollars (via grants, fundraising, etc.) to come in the door.
  • Working capital loans — To be used for occasions when working capital is tight, oftentimes due to a late government payment, cancelled contract or seasonality of fundraising revenues.
  • Construction loans — A short-term loan used to secure funds to build or rehabilitate a physical structure.
  • Predevelopment loans — Short-term loans that provide the initial seed money for a project, typically associated with property acquisition or construction.

For more information, visit Forward Community Investments.