Strategic Initiatives Fund

Program Goal:

The goal of the Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF) is to assist organizations carrying out activities that support one of WEDC’s Strategic Pillars.

Program Description:

The program provides grants to organizations for projects that are carrying out activities to further the mission of WEDC to advance and maximize opportunities in Wisconsin for businesses, communities and people to thrive in a globally competitive environment. The SIF is intended for opportunities that strongly support WEDC’s strategic efforts yet are more aptly carried out by a partner organization.

Eligibility Requirements:

SIF is not available for projects that are otherwise eligible to be funded through other programs offered by WEDC or its partners.

Incentives and Available Funding (FY18): $250,000

Activities and Expected Outcomes:

Assist 3 projects.

Performance Reporting:

Recipients will be required to periodically submit a performance report documenting specific project activities, as well as any other contract deliverable.

Application and Award Process:

Applicants for a SIF grant must have an Executive Team sponsor through which application materials are to be submitted. Preapproval of the application by the CEO is required prior to submission. The completed application will be assigned to an underwriter and go through the award review process. SIF projects will be reviewed by the WEDC Awards Administration Committee.

For more information on application review, internal process, and award distribution, please refer to WEDC’s award administration policies and procedures.