WHEDA offers a number of programs and services in support of business development within the State of Wisconsin.

Guarantee Programs:
Loan guarantees targeted to specific types of economic development projects.

Participation Lending:
Partnerships with lending institutions to provide commercial credit for larger projects.

State Small Business Credit Initiative:
Capital access, private equity and other programs that promote job creation and retention.

New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program:
Serves as a resource to help fuel job creation and economic development efforts by promoting equity investment in low-income urban and rural communities. Businesses involved in NMTC deals can obtain benefits including lower interest rates on loans, interest-only payments for seven years, non-traditional financing not available in the marketplace, access to a reduced cost of capital, and more. Projects must be located in highly distressed census tracts, which are determined by factors such as poverty rates and percentage of median family income.

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