Learn more about SizeUpWI and how it can help you advance your business.

SizeUpWI Media Kit


Thank you for partnering with WEDC to raise awareness of SizeUpWI.

SizeUpWI is a powerful data analysis tool that provides relevant insights on local competitors, consumers, advertising hotspots, and suppliers. It gives small and midsize businesses and entrepreneurs the information needed to benchmark and grow their ventures and respond efficiently to local opportunities and threats.

Below, you’ll find a wide range of marketing resources to help you share the benefits of this free online tool with the small businesses and partners in your network.




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Wisconsin’s small business owners can now use Big Data intelligence to compete locally. Learn more about #SizeUpWI and how it can help you advance your business.


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Small businesses are the heart of Wisconsin’s economy and using Big Data intelligence is the next step for local growth. Find out about #SizeUpWI and how it can help you grow your business.


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Want to know more about your local competitors, customers, and suppliers? Get Big Data on the business opportunities in your area through #SizeUpWI!

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Use Big Data to make better business decisions. Find out how #SizeUpWI helps small businesses grow.


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Use big data intelligence to grow your small business


SizeUpWI Business Intelligence Tool


Business owners can now use SizeUpWI—a free, online data tool—to make informed decisions for the growth and success of their companies.


It takes a lot for a new business or organization to open its first space—or for an existing business to expand. Big data is a key determining factor for the success of small businesses, and WEDC is making this kind of data available to small businesses in Wisconsin through the SizeUpWI tool.

SizeUpWI is a free customized platform for small business owners in Wisconsin that provides the market research and business intelligence needed for growth and success. This tool provides data on nearby competitors, consumer and supplier locations, and advertising hotspots to help owners make sound strategic decisions.

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If you or your business is not interested, we still encourage you to share this information with other business owners you know who might be interested. You can also register your business with WEDC to receive updates on upcoming grants or other resource tools that may help your venture grow and thrive.

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This short overview of the program includes details on how the tool is used, who to contact with questions, and thought-starters on data-based questions SizeUpWI can answer for small businesses.

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This short, one-minute video gives a high-level overview of how SizeUpWI will benefit small businesses. Two video formats are provided for ease of use in social, presentations, or email.

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