Program Goal:

The goal of the SBIR/STTR Matching Grant Program is to stimulate technological innovation by supporting technology-based small businesses in the state of Wisconsin.

This program primarily supports the following WEDC Strategic Pillar and Focus Area:

Business Development: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Program Description:

The program provides funds to technology-based businesses in or relocating to Wisconsin by matching a portion of Phase I and/or Phase ll awards under the federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs provided through periodic competitions. The program will be administered by the Center for Technology Commercialization (CTC).

Eligibility Requirements:

The federal SBIR program provides more than $2.5 billion annually in grants from 11 federal agencies designed to help small businesses create and commercialize new innovations and technologies. The program consists of three phases:

  • Phase I awards range from $75,000 to $150,000 to support feasibility study
  • Phase II awards range from about $250,000 to $1,000,000 to support full research and development
  • Phase III entails commercialization supported by funding outside of the federal program

CTC must administer the SBIR/STTR Matching Grant Program according to the following guidelines:

Wisconsin businesses that are Phase I or Phase II recipients of federal SBIR/STTR funding may apply for a matching grant.

Out-of-state businesses may apply for and receive funding contingent on the business relocating to Wisconsin within 90 days of receiving the matching grant funding.

Businesses may receive matching grants for both Phase I and Phase II awards, but the program will primarily support first-time recipients of a federal award for the phase for which a matching grant is pursued. The matching grant is intended to support eligible activities including but not limited to customer validation activities, market research, intellectual property assessment and feasibility assessment. Awardees may be required to participate in CTC-delivered business modeling training as a condition of the matching grant. Recipients are required to maintain their Wisconsin location for a minimum of five years after receipt of the final disbursement of funds.

Incentives and Available Funding (FY19): $1,500,000

The SBIR/STTR Matching Grant Program will provide awards of up to 50 percent of the amount of federal Phase I or up to $100,000 for Phase II funding awards. The grant must be used for new and additional work tasks that relate to the project granted the federal award.

It is anticipated that the number of federal awards eligible for matching grants will exceed the funding level of the matching grant program. Projects will be evaluated as part of a competitive scoring process and awards will be made based on funding availability and project merit.

Activities and Expected Outcomes:

Award one organization to support 13 businesses and achieve a leverage to federal grants of 3:1.

Performance Reporting:

CTC will be required to quarterly submit a performance report documenting the number of businesses receiving grants, the amount of each grant, and the amount of federal funding leveraged, as well as any other contract deliverable, for four years after receiving an award. CTC will report annual employment, wage and outside investment information submitted by each business.

WEDC may impose additional reporting requirements to evaluate project performance and to ensure compliance with contract deliverables.

Application and Awards Process:

CTC meets with WEDC to review capacity, past performance and future goals. The completed application will be assigned to an underwriter and go through the award review process.

For more information on application review, internal process and award distribution, please refer to WEDC’s award administration policies and procedures.

To apply for the SBIR/STTR Matching Grant Program, complete an online application at