Automation fuels productivity and employee engagement at Basin Precision Machining

Erik Anderson has a bone to pick with Merriam-Webster, insofar as dictionary definitions contribute to a common misinterpretation that “automation” involves replacing humans with machines. The subtitle of his breakout session at the 2019 Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology show in West Allis pointedly dispelled the fear-inducing suggestion that we’re all disposable: “The Robots Are Not Coming for Our Jobs.” Read More

October 10, 2019|Advanced Manufacturing News, Events|

Freshwater Collaborative prepares Wisconsin’s future workforce to address water challenges

Wisconsin has a wealth of educational resources for students who want to delve into solving the world’s water challenges, and new initiative aims to coordinate those efforts across the state’s public institutions of higher education, enabling both improved collaboration and increased specialization as each institution further develops its areas of expertise. Read More

September 27, 2019|Blog Post, Events|

Wisconsin’s water hub continues to strengthen global ties

The challenges facing the world’s water supply—growing populations, changing weather conditions, threats to water supply quality and safety—are global in nature, and the solutions will need to have a similarly global perspective. Recognizing this, Milwaukee’s water hub has forged global connections to take an active role in crafting these solutions—and is continuing to strengthen these ties with each passing year. Read More

September 25, 2019|Events|

In Water Council programs, competition and collaboration meet to advance innovation

Launching a startup or pursuing a research question in the lab can be lonely pursuit, involving long hours and late nights of solitary work—but innovation thrives through collaboration. To that end, The Water Council organizes a series of competitions that connect water sector startups and innovators with potential investors, with established companies that may be able to use the new technologies, and with one another. Read More

September 24, 2019|Events|

Places blog: Mentors and business partners

Another strategy for ensuring the success of new businesses to your downtown district is to connect them with established mentors. Connecting businesses with mentors that can help them understand the local market, capitalize on or prepare for seasonal changes or major events, and most effectively market to key customer groups can substantially increase their chance of success. Read More

September 18, 2019|Marketing & Promotion, Places, Small Business|
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